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Wendy Meddour writes and illustrates funny, award-winning children’s books – including A Hen in the Wardrobe, The Black Cat Detectives and the ‘hilarious’ Wendy Quill series (illustrated by her 11 year old daughter!) 

The first in the Wendy Quill series is called Wendy Quill is a Crocodile’s Bottom but it has already been translated into nine languages and Wendy Quill tries to Grow a Pet and Wendy Quill is Full up of Wrong will both be out next year!

Here’s a little video about the first in the Wendy Quill series …..

And here’s a video about how Mina May become one of the youngest professional illustrators ever!

Why not pop over to Wendy’s gallery? Or take a look at some of her posts? And if you would like to find out about Wendy’s availability for school visits (or want to discuss an exciting writing project), then please contact her via her agent: Penny Holroyde – penny@carolinesheldon.co.uk

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